THE STORY CODE: Writing Secrets Revealed (Ideas Generator)

How to generate and develop awesome ideas, right now!

Want to write but don't know where to start? Already have an idea but don't know how to develop it?

WARNING: Once you have completed this course, you will never be able to watch or read anything again without seeing The Story Code!

The Story Code: 14 Day Script Sprint
The Story Code: Competition Ready
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I am also available for one to one story consultant sessions.

What you’ll learn

  • Exactly what an idea really is

  • How to create ‘new’ ideas

  • The crucial Story Codes hiding in plain sight

  • The importance of doing research

  • An exclusive grid method of generating idea

  • An example of an outline for a commercially published novel

  • The elements that make up a story

  • Analyse a Hollywood film to see the hidden influences

  • The 3 act structure and how it can help you

  • How books and films manipulate and sell the Story Code

  • 8 Ideas Generator tasks to ignite your most powerful idea generator you will ever own: your mind!

  • Never read stories or watch movies the same again

  • And much more...!

Course Requirements

  • Enthusiasm for stories and writing

  • Love of stories, especially thrillers/crime

  • A desire to write (and write some more!)

  • A computer and notebook

  • Printer for some of the handouts

Who this course is for

  • writers and authors

  • creatives

  • the curious

  • beginners needing a fast paced ideas jumpstart

  • intermediate

  • professional refresher

This course is fast paced ideas fuel!

Suitable for beginners, students, the curious, right through to professionals looking for a refresher overview.

Lectures: 16
Video: 1.5 total hours
4 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Certificate of completion

Who am I?

Lee Francis is the co-author of the high octane techno thriller Playing With Death with best selling historical author Simon Scarrow. 'If Stephen King had collaborated with Michael Crichton on a thriller, it might have been as good as this' (Peterborough Evening Telegraph). Lee has worked on some of the biggest UK film and TV productions: The Woman In Black, Spooks, and Harry Potter to name just a few.

Lee is also an award winning/optioned screenplay writer of several feature and short screenplays- Grand Prize Winner of SWSF, Quarter finalist in the 2020 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenwriting Competition, placed in the top 20% of submissions to Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship, placed in top 13% of BBC Writer's Room, winner of 13Horrorcom’s 2018 short horror screenplay, and TV series development with Big Tree Productions, Cotton Reel.

Lee has also been featured in/spoken at: Crime Files, Eastern Daily Press, Lancaster Guardian, MCM comic con, Kent Arts Network, Morecambe and Vice Crime Festival, BBC Radio Lancashire, Haunted House Fear Fest. Lee has worked closely with notable industry figures such as David Heyman (producer of the Harry Potter series, I Am Legend, Gravity), James Watkins (creator and director of McMafia, director of The Woman In Black), Jane Goldman (writer of Kick Ass, Kingsman, X-Men), Simon Scarrow (author of the Eagle book series) and Alex Scarrow (author of the Time Riders series, Remade).


Once you have completed this course, you will never be able to watch or read anything again without seeing The Story Code!

So what are you waiting for? Enrol in my course and we can start generating ideas, right now!

Still not sure?

This ideas generator course is designed to kickstart your creative juices by illuminating some fundamental writing and structure secrets of novels and films hiding in plain sight! It gives you a whistle stop tour of awesome ideas and concepts that all feed into creating a compelling story idea, aswell as the next steps to flesh them out. Writing commercial fiction need not be a dirty word...
The course draws on best-selling novels like Silence of The Lambs, Gone Girl aswell as blockbuster films like The Matrix, Inception, Rocky and The Martian- to name just a few. Sure, I'm no Child or Patterson, but you pay a one off fee and you have lifetime access.
These tips and tricks are pooled from my varied experience and I deliver practical, down to earth techniques to save you all the hard work.
Enrol now so we can begin!

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